July ‘What??? God Bless US!!!

it is yet another amazing beginning for me and mine. I LOVE the beginnings and l  to each US Calendar months We –



Fathers’ Day?

 ‘Hoping you have one around to honor…? I lost my birth father two weeks befor I lost my Mom at the end of 2012, but my Father-Once-Removed… Aka step dad who raised me since about 8 years old and I are looking forward to a fabulous dinner with my first sister (I have 3 once […]

National Shampoo Week is Ending!!!

… And I almost missed the entire event!!! How about you? Did you lather up for the occasion! Or perhaps try something new??? I have a video I made on how to do that properly … It’s not edited… There are loud cries over part of it… But I share my most effective techniques for […]

re: Who I Was!

I’ve had a horrible time syncing and coordinating my computer and phone’s critical information… Calendar, Contacts, etc… And finally figured out one of the reasons which has to do with the underpinnings, NOT me! Hooray! In the creative resolution of the problem I have ended up going through the calendar back to 01/01/2000. WOW! What […]