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Dare to Wear Black® Scalp Conditioning Shampoo

Is Dare to Wear Black® Scalp Conditioning Shampoothe right shampoo for you? Are you:

  • Embarrassed by scratching or flaking?
  • Suffering smelly hair or scalp?
  • Satisfied with your scalp condition?
  • Unable to wear dark colors?

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“R & R” Conditioner

R&R Conditioner’s vegan formulation, supported by high performing Flax and Barley proteins, strengthens hair and supports most hair coloring, texturizing and normalizing processes. R&R Conditioner manages and maintains your hair without sulfates, parabens and other hostile ingredients.

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When you’ve got flaking and itching, shoulders covered in white stuff or hair that’s too oily to believe, you need to understand what the problems are and how to solve them. Learn how Dare to Wear Black® Scalp-Conditioning Shampoo can help you put an end to embarrassing scalp and hair problems and so you can have the hair of your dreams… daily.(More)