Mom Birthday Best 07.21.06 Dad's Phone

I love my Mom so much I’m dedicating this space to her… Happy Mother’s Day

… to everyone who CAN spend time with theirs… Mom went home Joyfully to Jesus on November 17,2012. Enjoy yours to the MAX!!!

Good Times a’ Comin’?

Tonight which has become this morning, I had TONS to accomplish before I lose my internet connection at 7:30 AM. Of course I ended up with a crippling virus so spent most of it chasing, deleting and repairing things. GRrrrr!  … at some point of frustration I decided to stop and buy my new AppleCare […]


Dawn’s Happy Birthday Song…

last week I said I might share my special version of Happy Birthfay… So here it is! Happy Birthday to you You live in a zoo Remember I love you Happy Birthday to YOU!!! Hmmmm can’t get the spacing right here on my phone app but maybe that’s just the space for the music !!!??? […]

Gifting for YOUR Special Spenders?

Happy ANYDAY to you and yours! I have a friend who has helped me in sooooo many ways this past few years while I have had trauma and drama in my life. Her birthday is mere days away and it was so far beyond me while I lie here of what to do for her […]

Dawn’s Meaningful Thought of the Day… or Longer…

“I hold myself together, not by straining against the winds of life, but by always sitting calmly in the center of the storm where there is no wind” I cannot remember where I read this, but it is soooooo strengthening for me… The only question sometimes is WHICH storm I should be sitting in the […]