The Art of Work ~ A GOTTA Read!

Greetings & Salutations, Dear Reader! I’ve been wanting to re-open my blog and website for many months now but since I am and have been flat on my back in bed with a broken back and hip, I have failed at my endeavor. Not much happens for me while I am flat-out like this … […]


Secrets to Having Great Hair on Valentines

Today, in case you haven’t heard is Valentine’s Day. We hope you have a great date or an evening planned. At this time of year you can begin to think “I can’t have great hair” and want to say inside. We say you can have great hair 24/7/365! On this special day there are a […]

Secrets To Damaging Your Hair (that you might not know)

In this how-to world, it is refreshing to hear the other side of the story … what not to do. Chemicals that raise the cuticle or slam them closed:not pH balanced to hair and skin Vent brushes on long hair: stretches & tears hair and creates static which can split ends Henna-wanna-be products: dry and coat […]

Summer hair is almost here…time to pony up

As you may have noticed on TV and the magazines, ponytails of all sorts are the new rage. They can go from scruffy weekend beachy “hair-holders” to beautiful formal coifs and everything in between. As I sat down to detail the project, I Googled it just for fun and came up with some very interesting […]

What you need to know about personal care provider selection and maintenance

Have you ever gone through the dilemma and trauma of having to find a new Personal Groomer (I hate to use the over-used terms such as hairstylist when so many of them are much more than any one component of caring for you) either because you moved or because your Personal Groomer has moved? Did […]