Autograf on Hiatus

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the shop on is now closed for an indefinite period of time. My health has taken a dive and caused havoc in my life and made it impossible to continue by myself. After 2 years of horrible health, surgeries and other life disasters, I am at this moment flat on my broken back and hip at my family home on Maui being cared for by my 89 year old Dad.

There IS a little Dare to Wear Black Scalp Conditioning Shampoo and R&R Conditioner left  in the world and I am looking for a way to bring it back to you on a consistent basis... but I cannot do it alone.  Soooo... if you know of someone looking for an opportunity to bring something important to market, please send them my way! Some of my clients have used my products since 1976 and are VERY distressed about doing without. There is nothing like Dare to Wear Black... Nothing...

In The Mean Time... I want YOU to harmonize your life by Being MORE Fully Expressed ... if I can help you I want to do it. Whether we have met yet or not, please feel free to call me. I have a few brain cells left while I lie here and am happy to share them with you while I am bed-bound. I've spent decades teaching, training and designing in the beauty industry beyond my life's 40 year commitment to Autograf hair and scalp care solutions.

For more information about  ... buying or investing in my products... or to talk to me about your hair, scalp or anything else on your mind please call 206-938-8384 or email me at [email protected]. If you like we can then arrange a Skype call to more fully connect!

Thank you for coming by my site and I hope to hear from you personally... and soon I hope to feel up to creating another wonderful experience of information for you here!... So maybe drop on back by in a few weeks.DRM^Sig Dawn Only

Again ... 206-938-8384 or [email protected] ... Chat soonly???